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I've travelled extensively in Greece and the Islands and there's nowhere like Lesvos.

Make friends, explore opportunities and even conclude dating with them.

I am loving watching the webcam in the harbour but where is everyone.

I'd really recommend webcams in the other main tourist resorts (good quality and live like this one not a refresh every 10 minutes like some) , there's nothing like them to whet your appetite and make you want to return.

I've never understood why Lesvos hasn't been more popular it is an amazing destination. Thanks for your note and info Sue, apologies for slow reply.

Not sure if it's a new camera or if you've just cleaned the lense, But it is 100% claerer. I took an old tablet, installed google chrome and now cast the webcam 24/7 fullscreen to my google chromecast/41" flatscreen tv. That will have been difficult for residents in Vafeios, they certainly won't have snow ploughs etc to hand - they would sit doing nothing for 10 mths of the year!!

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