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Chinese users commonly use a QWERTY keyboard with pinyin enabled.Upper case letters are quick to type and require no transformation.Like all technologies, video chat can be used for both good and evil.I’ve already detailed some of the serious risks involved in video chatting with strangers.

In the lower right corner of the computer screen, you can see me and my son Christopher in the hotel room in Limerick (he is behind me, holding the camera while taking this picture).I’ve already mentioned audio and video chat capability, but before leaving this tour of technology I want to say a few things specifically about video chat.Video chat environments range from the wide-open video chat environment of Chatroulette to the directed and appropriate use of technologies such as Google Hangouts and Skype.Do you want to buy something online, but found that the Chinese do not often use Amazon?In the first part of this two part blog post, we take a look at five popular apps which the Chinese use daily, and that can make your life in China much more convenient.

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