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Yeah, it’s been going great, dating is always a very interesting process.” Ellen asked “and what are you looking for?Or let’s narrow it down, what are you looking for in a woman, what kind of woman do you like?From talking about abs, to who has a bigger trailer/ package, Andy was going for Priyanka to take the plunge to answer some mildly inappropriate questions. On Sunday, the star took to Instagram to post a sweet, emotional tribute to his girlfriend’s late father, Sib Hashian.Ellen greeted Dwayne Johnson, after the audience stopped clapping, whooping and hollering, when he recently appeared on her talk show by saying “well you have let yourself go.” Dwayne said “I just said..forget it…you know? He explained what it’s like to have 5,000 kids screaming at the top of the lungs. Ellen showed a clip of Dwayne with Miley Cyrus where they were both dressed the same and Dwayne was in an orange dress.” The talk show hostess replied “you know, I just can’t even bother anymore…WOW.. You look fantastic.” (Image from Planet 51 – Starring Dwayne Johnson – All Rights Reserved) Ellen and Dwayne discussed the fact the last time Dwayne stopped by her show he was just about to host The Kid’s Choice Awards. She also showed a clip of everyone getting “slimed” by the green goop that is famous for being dispensed at The Kid’s Choice Awards shows. What’s great about that show is that you could tell the kids, whoa, you can tell the kids anything and they’ll go crazy, hey you want ice cream…they scream, hey you like my tattoos…scream, they just go nuts but it was awesome, I loved it.” Ellen said “it’s so great because you’re, obviously first you were a wrestler and now you’re an actor and you’re doing so many different things like that it seems like you’re a good catch, it seems like you’re, you know, a good, because you’re tough and you’re strong, but you’re also funny and charming and sweet and you love kids and I guess what I’m getting at, is are you dating? Yah sure.” The audience reacted by saying awww like they were disappointed and Dwayne said “ahhh he’s dating, booo.” Ellen asked Dwayne Johnson “but it’s nothing serious, is there someone serious or are you just dating?Lauren Hashian is a singer-songwriter and Boston drummer Sib Hashian's daughter, but she also happens to be Dwayne Johnson's longtime girlfriend. While the two have a habit of keeping their love life private, People's Sexiest Man Alive briefly opened up about their relationship back in November, telling the publication, "She teases me about everything.

” Dwayne said “I think so, sure, without a doubt, someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.” Ellen said “when you have a strong sense of self I think it frees you up, it allows you to do things that somebody who’s insecure wouldn’t do.

"When I first came into acting, I had great opportunities to make a decent movie.

I had a run there in 2005, '06, '07 — for a long time it was ' Oh, he's the best thing in the movie that's not that good.' I started questioning: Did I make the right choice? And then budgets became lower and lower and the pay kinda stayed the same and there wasn't a lot of growth," admitted the veteran.

And I tease her with everything." Here's everything we could find out about Dwayne's other half.

On Friday morning (August 25, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Dwayne Johnson and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

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