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Well, I had to confront all those assumptions pretty quickly, because when I got there in 2005 to start formal academic research, I learned right away that something quite different was going on.Most of the girls were working in the bars out of their own free will (to the extent that anyone does in Cambodia or beyond); their sexual decisions weren't controlled by bosses or managers and the women could decide themselves whether or not they wanted to 'go with customers'; and the majority did not actually identify as sex workers, or view their quest for foreign boyfriends as 'work.' They viewed themselves as 'bartenders,' 'bar girls,' or 'bar maids,' and viewed most of the sexual partners that they meet in the bars as 'real' boyfriends.DHS: Did you spend much time in the bars, and what happens on a typical night?HH: During several visits over several years, I spent every night out in the bars with the women.Some of her clients have been disabled since birth.

But I was happy to see them and to bring happiness into their lives.” Through the site, Laura is approached by a range of people, from individuals themselves to carers and even parents of disabled people.Laura praises the “wonderful” service, and believes there ought to be a similar structure in place in Ireland.At the moment, the closest thing to it is an option on the popular Escort Ireland website to find “disability-friendly” sex workers. “I started my career working in the parlours in Dublin and I worked back then with disabled clients, but there was no kind of formal structure in place. Here are some of the fascinating things she has some to say about Cambodian sex workers.David Henry Sterry: Why did you want to write a book about Cambodian bar girls?

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