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The mother-of-one said she hardly pays attention to age and doubts she's matured throughout her lengthy career in the spotlight."I don’t think I’ve got any more sensible or grown-up at all. Judi and David met in 2010 Speaking about her relationship with David, Judi added: "I have a jolly nice friend now. " READ: Judi Dench admits she can't travel alone due to poor eyesight The 82-year-old ruled out tying the knot with David, who she met in 2010 when he invited her to open a squirrel enclosure at a wildlife centre in Surrey. " Judi was married to fellow actor Michael Williams for 30 years before his death in 2001, and the couple share one daughter, Finty."It’s wonderful to be in love," she gushed of her conservationist boyfriend, David Mills."That state when you’re glad to see somebody and they make you laugh and you just like being with them." Judi with her boyfriend, David, in September 2014. But perhaps if I was a romantic I'd have been cool and calm about it. It's essential." WATCH: Judi Dench shines as Queen Victoria in trailer for Victoria and Abdul Judi said: "I just have to believe that she possessed more humour than we give her credit for, especially in this final part of her life with this wonderful young man, who she could talk to and tell jokes to.

However, in 2010 she struck up a friendship with Mills - an ex-Jersey farmer who built a wildlife centre dedicated to British animals on his family land "just a few fields away" from Dench's own home.

Friends kept saying: "You are not facing up to it", but I felt I was; in the acting.

Grief supplies you with an enormous amount of energy.

It turns out it was a love for wildlife that brought Judi and David together, with David revealing they met when she turned up at his visitor’s centre one day.

Speaking about David a couple of years ago, she said she never expected to find love later in life.“I wasn’t even prepared to be ready for it,” she told The Times.

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