Why am i intimidating

I redefined my outlook on relationships and my role in them after watching various dalliances end.

I am a woman with an intimidation factor, and here are the ways it has affected my romantic relationships: I have a closet full of clothes that make feel good about myself, and I wear them for the sole reason that they reflect my confidence.

It seems like the older you get, the more you're reminded everyone is getting married and having babies except for you. ”I'm here to tell you there's nothing wrong with you, but there is something wrong with the demands society places on women.

Should I start adopting cats for my inevitable spinster future?

As we have been able to see, probably a number of times throughout the course of our dating lives, guys do not always tend to behave as it is expected or logical when girls are around.) and for the sake of staying away from such possibility, they would rather choose to not try anything at all. If that cute guy from the local store never gathers the courage to ask me out on a date in fear that I’ll just might say no, and I repeat the same thing (as if rejection isn’t enough I would have to face the dreadful fact that I should no more shop in that store) where will that bring us? But we both think that the other one is quite cute. This is, in a way, actually related to our previous point.If there had ever been a tutorial on how to intimidate a guy, this must have been one of the steps covered.There is writing on all of them, messages hoping that I get well soon, that I’ll come back and teach them so we can finish the story. The kids wouldn’t know, of course, because they wouldn’t understand. “They mess with his head a little when they knock him out. Some days are better than others, but this looks like one of the bad days.” “What are you talking about?

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