Zooey deschanel dating 2016

And one thing this fall that I’ve been waiting to see come around is the Brigitte Bardot inspired bangs, created for the modern woman.

The style is flirty, feminine, classic and it has a touch of mystery—all important aspects for the best modern hair.

, young women have been flocking to salons with photos of her famous bangs—and with good reason.

I started out doing theater, and I did a lot of school plays, theater summer camp, and all that.Zooey Deschanel just had her second baby, fam, and the name is really, really cute.The “New Girl” star welcomed a baby boy last week in LA with husband Jacob Pechenik.Fox has picked up the sitcomfor a seventh and final season, has learned.The final episodes will allow the show’s creative team to create a full final arc for Jess (Zooey Deshcanel) and the people she’s grown to love over the past six years.

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